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What can people do at the time of a suicide death to be supportive? The answer is one I’d give to anyone who wants to truly help a friend at almost any time of need: Be there. Do the little things. Don’t say something to make yourself feel better, but say something to make the person who’s just lost someone feel better. Sometimes, you don’t have to say anything at all. Read article here.


This is a copy of a post from Putting a Face on Suicide. You can read the original here.

Every 15 minutes someone dies by suicide in the United States; that’s 96 or so people each day just in the U.S. Internationally the statistic is every 40 seconds. Putting a Face on Suicide (PAFOS) is an ongoing project soliciting pictures of your loved ones who died by suicide. Each 96 pictures will be used in a poster and a video, representing one day’s loss. The posters and videos will be posted on the PAFOS Facebook page and may be freely used by any person or organization to promote suicide awareness and prevention. The goal of PAFOS is to collect 35040 faces representing 365 days of loss, and then to visually send a very powerful 35040-faced message.

Putting a Face on Suicide is the personal project of Mike Purcell, done in collaboration with the American Association of Suicidology. Mike’s son, 21-year-old Christopher Lee Purcell, died by suicide in 2008.

To submit a photo, either post it on the wall of the PAFOS Facebook page or email it to Mike Purcell. Please include your loved one’s full name and age at passing. If you wish to share a story or memorial page links, it will be posted as the description of the photo in the album. Please limit your submission to 300 words or less.

Behind the Faces
The PAFOS project is expanding by producing a personalized series of posters exclusively featuring your loved one’s face. The idea for Behind the Faces (BTF) is to equip passionate suicide awareness activists with tools to personally promote their own memorial foundations, suicide awareness organizations, or personal projects. BTF will enable people to get to know the story behind the face. To qualify for this program you need to meet the following criteria:

1. Print and publicly display the posters.
2. Use the posters to raise suicide awareness at walks, events, presentations, etc.
3. Post your progress on the PAFOS Facebook page to encourage others.

If you agree to the above, all you need to do is send a large copy of a high resolution picture of your amazing face along with a 300-word or less introduction to describe your loved one, full name, age at passing, and home town. You can also provide links to memorial pages, memorial foundations, causes, videos, etc., as well as provide the banner text/message for the poster. In exchange you will receive a PDF file of your personal poster as an 11×17, 8.5×11, and 4×6 to promote awareness and your project. Additionally your loved one will be featured in a joint poster as an 8.5×11 and 4×6, and tribute video of all the faces for whichever day s/he joined the project. The face of your loved one will also have a personal tribute page on the PAFOS Facebook page. Email Mike Purcell to share your story behind the face.

DISCLAIMER: By submitting materials to Putting a Face on Suicide (PAFOS), you grant PAFOS a perpetual, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, modify, publish, distribute, and otherwise exercise all copyright and publicity rights with respect to the contents at its sole discretion, for the inclusion into any publishable work.

CAUTION: Please use discretion in submitting your photos. Not all families are comfortable with disclosing or discussing the manner in which their loved one passed, let alone publicizing the face of their deceased. Please get permission from the family or next of kin prior to submitting.